Room for Love

Five Brothers. Five Kinks. Five Romances.


Pursuing your best friend's dad is never a good idea, but Cameron Motel is feeling reckless. His life is about to change, and Luke is older, attractive...and he represents something Cameron has never had before. 


Luke didn't mean to get involved with his son's best friend, but Cameron needed a strong hand and Luke was willing to deliver on his promises.

This thing between them is supposed to be a secret, but something as big as love can't stay hidden for long. Then a single phone call sends Cameron farther away from home than he'd ever planned to go, and Luke's subconscious keeps him grounded in the past unable to move on.

Cameron is gone, and to get him back Luke needs to do something big, something bold, something...reckless.


"By the time I finished reading, all I could think was "Wow."" – Amelia, Amazon Reviewer

"Kate Hawthorne has always sucked me in with her kinky stories and this book is no exception"

– Real Talk, Book Talk Reviews

"Hawthorne knows how to write a sexy book and these guys have a great chemistry." – Joyfully Jay Reviews


For James Motel and Levi Kadish, it's hate at first sight.

Levi thinks James is an arrogant out-of-towner, and James thinks Levi is a smug local with an overblown opinion of himself. Together, the two of them are like oil and water, but Levi likes the way he feels when James looks at him, and James really loves the sound of Levi's voice when he says...

When he says those heartless things. 

In the middle of a baking lesson James never wanted, the unresolved tension between Levi and him boils over, and James is left with more than rug burn. Levi's words are emblazoned in his heart, and he's eager for more. 

Levi has never had something feel as right as his unconventional relationship with James, and when he finds himself with nowhere to go, he turns to the one man he knows who won't turn him away...even though he's the only man who should. 


Eddie Alexander never meant to go to Cherry Creek.

Faster than he could unmake a bed, Eddie’s life is turned upside down and he’s out of school with nowhere to go but a home that’s never been his. When he gets to Cherry Creek, the first face he sees is Charlie Motel, his best friend’s brother and also his lifelong crush.

Charlie has always been the caretaker of his family, filling the roles of absentee father, loving mother, shoulder to cry on, tolerant husband, and whatever anyone else asked of him. He’s tired, he’s alone, and then Eddie shows up in need of help with an offer Charlie never saw coming.

Charlie's answer is yes.

Eddie takes control and, for the first time in years, Charlie feels like he can breathe. He’s free of other people’s problems, he’s living his own life, and under Eddie’s thoughtful guidance, he can truly be faultless.


Theo Bruster has a bad habit.

You could call him attentive or observant, and you would not be wrong, because Theo has always liked to watch. Growing up in a hotel has given him an exciting and easy life, but he's ready to put some space between himself and the only home he's ever known.

But sometimes when you're not looking for anything, you find something, and Brad and Theo are about to learn that the hard way.

Brad has secrets that not even his brothers know, but he finds himself opening up to Theo and trusting him in ways that are new to them both. The relationship that develops between them might be unconventional, but under Theo's watchful eye, Brad can re-gain control and for the first time in his life, be fearless.


Andy didn’t understand the romance of Paris until he kissed a stranger in a rainstorm.

Then he followed the man home, hoping for a taste of the adventure of which he’d been so desperately searching. He got more than he bargained for, starting with a shared bottle of wine in a rented flat and ending with heartbreak in Bordeaux hotel.

Leonidas Filo had been content to travel and wander, never wanting to settle—whether it was down or for less. The handsome American he spied on the street was only meant to be a moment of fun, but he couldn’t deny how right it felt to keep pushing his limits with Andy Motel.

After months of separation, the two men who are still barely more than strangers find themselves together again, but this time in Cherry Creek. Leonidas is ready to offer everything he can, but Andy needs to find a way to turn a collection of moments into a lifetime of love.

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