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Author Spotlight - Bryce Winters

Please welcome Brice Winters to the blog today!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm an extroverted introvert. :) Which means I'm naturally happy in a quiet place by myself, but I'm also super friendly/chatty among others. I blame my ADHD. :) I'm creative, knit/crochet, have a B.A. in Music, an M.A. in English and Creative Writing, and am two cats shy of being a crazy cat lady (and married, so I guess I'm disqualified anyway). And I hate to cook.

I'm also a huge advocate for mental health awareness and care. I have personal experience with anxiety, depression, PTSD, PMDD, and ADHD. I'm a pretty open book about my own experiences and encourage others to seek out help anywhere they can.

How would you describe your brand? What makes one of your books inherently YOU?

My characters go through some trials before finding their happy ever after. I'm not afraid of exploring heavy emotions, past trauma, and mental health. But it's not all heavy! Some of my favorite characters provide great comedic relief! And there's plenty of steam along the way. ;)

Tell us about what you're currently working on.

I'm sort of in between projects. I just finished my Changing Tides series and am working on a freebie novella tied to that universe right now. I have plans to finish the Serrano Saga soon, and I think I'll be starting a new series involving some firemen. Not sure what that's going to look like yet, but I'm excited.

If you could dream cast your favorite book into a movie, whether yours or someone else's - what book would it be and who would you cast?

Confession - I don't really have a favorite book. My brain just doesn't work that way? Not really sure why. I think I just read too much. :) There's always something wonderful! However, I did reread Beg by Piper Scott (the whole series is great), and I can absolutely see Tom Felton as Lucian, and Robert Downey Jr. or George Clooney as Marcus. Mmmhmm.

What is the weirdest place you've ever written before?

I've written in a Taco Bell before. I was on a road trip with my husband and had a breakthrough on a scene that was troubling me. We stopped for lunch, I whipped out my laptop, and jotted down a few hundred words while I could. I get carsick, so it worked out great!

What does the writing process look like for you? What comes first? How do you start? When do you know you have a good idea vs a dream?

I usually think about my characters and what their backgrounds are, what brought them to the moment when my story begins. The dynamic between the two main characters relies a lot on their past experiences and who they are. I'm usually thinking of setting around the same time. At that point, once I have those notes jotted down, I'll begin my outline and start crafting the plot.

If you could write about any character or story that you haven't written about yet, what would it be and why?

I have a paranormal series I've loosely outlined, still MM romance. It's inspired by Native American culture and folklore, which is part of my heritage, but I feel a little intimidated to be bringing something like that to the table and do it justice. I'll probably write it soon, but I'm marinating on the best way to execute it. It's such a departure from my current brand, I feel like I would want to create a new pen name for it. Something to look forward to!

Which of your characters do you think is the most under appreciated and why?

I honestly don't know if I have enough information from my audience to know the answer to this. :) But I'm going to take a stab and say Isaac Serrano from Growing Desires. He's the "strong and silent" type, which was incredibly difficult to write, but also the protector of the people he loves. I think Royce steals the show a little bit, and rightly so, but he draws his strength from Isaac.

What is your favorite book? One of yours and one of someone else's.

My favorite book that I've written is Rising Tide. I grew a lot as a writer while working on this one, and I think it shows.

Favorite show to binge watch?

Homicide Hunter. :) Lt. Joe Kenda is a badass. Or I'll binge any documentary.

What movie have you seen more times than you want to admit?

*whispers* Twilight... To be fair (she says in her defense), I watch it with friends while drinking wine and saying how awful the book and story is. But we can't stop. It's unhealthy.

Favorite quote or song lyric:

"Be a deeply disciplined half-ass." Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this in her book Big Magic, and it really helped me relax with my writing. It tells me to get my butt in my chair every day and write something. I can always fix it later.

Is there anything else you want anyone to know?

If you want to know more about me and what I'm working on, as well as some free short stories to see if my writing is for you, sign up for my newsletter! And feel free to say hi anytime. There's a contact form on my website, www.brycewinters.com, or find me on Facebook. :)

Where is the best place to find you online?

Here's my Facebook group. It's small right now, but I have plans to make it a fun place very soon! https://www.facebook.com/groups/193245941618845

What's the signup link for your newsletter?


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