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Author Spotlight - Susan Mac Nicol

I'm very excited to welcome Susan Mac Nicol this week!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hmmm. My kids describe as eccentric, with a dark sense of humour. I'm a writer, an editor, a day jobber, a lover of theatre, Gothic anything, and Victorian England is the place I'd love to have lived as long as I was rich. It's so rich with creativity and intrigue.

How would you describe your brand? What makes one of your books inherently YOU?

I love writing sass and snark and my characters love spewing it out. But I also love dark and gritty, hence my predilection to often writing angst ridden stories. I'm well known for both.

Tell us about what you're currently working on.

A supernatural, sassy romance about a zoologist and a being not from this world. It will contain penguins, antique shopping excursions and a whole load of snark.

If you could dream cast your favorite book into a movie, whether yours or someone else's - what book would it be and who would you cast?

I'm a big fan of Gregory Ashe, so any of his Hazard and Somerset books would make fabulous films and in the parts of Hazard and Somerset I'd cast Christian Bale and Lucas Till or Alex Pettyfer.

What is the weirdest place you've ever written before?

In a circus tent

If you could write about any character or story that you haven't written about yet, what would it be and why?

I want to write a Gothic horror love story set in Victorian England and incorporate Jack the Ripper :)

Which of your characters do you think is the most under appreciated and why?

Hmm, possibly Maxwell from Flying Solo. He's a lovely guy and modelled on a friend of mine. As to why, I'm not too sure. Readers have their own likes and dislikes.

What is your favorite book? One of yours and one of someone else's.

My favourite book of my own is Living on Air, and The Stand from Stephen King is the other.

Favorite show to binge watch?

Penny Dreadful

What movie have you seen more times than you want to admit?

LOL any of the Rocky or Rambo films

Favorite quote or song lyric:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind - Bernard M Baruch

Is there anything else you want anyone to know?

I love coffee and chocolate, Autumn is my favourite season and I'm not all that partial to hot weather :)

Where is the best place to find you online?

Check out my website www.authorsusanmacnicol.com for all my social media links.

What's the signup link for your newsletter?


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