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Available Now - Limitless

🍒NEW RELEASE🍒 Limitless, by Kate Hawthorne Universal Link - http://mybook.to/rfl5 🍒🍒 💫That scene from Ghost, but gay 💫Frantic rainstorm frotting in public 🎉 💫A baby Dom learning the ropes 💫World travels in the name of love 💫A very special HEA 🍒🍒

Andy didn’t understand the romance of Paris until he kissed a stranger in a rainstorm.

Then he followed the man home, hoping for a taste of the adventure of which he’d been so desperately searching. He got more than he bargained for, starting with a shared bottle of wine in a rented flat and ending with heartbreak in Bordeaux hotel. Leonidas Filo had been content to travel and wander, never wanting to settle—whether it was down or for less. The handsome American he spied on the street was only meant to be a moment of fun, but he couldn’t deny how right it felt to keep pushing his limits with Andy Motel. After months of separation, the two men who are still barely more than strangers find themselves together again, but this time in Cherry Creek. Leonidas is ready to offer everything he can, but Andy needs to find a way to turn a collection of moments into a lifetime of love.

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