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Faultless - Available Now!

**AVAILABLE NOW** Faultless, Room for Love #3 http://mybook.to/rfl3 🍒🍒🍒 Faultless explores a childhood crush on your best friend's brother being made real, learning to trust, learning to let go, and finding love where you least expect it. Faultless has EVERYTHING you would expect from a Kate Hawthorne book...and more. 🍒🍒🍒 Eddie Alexander never meant to go to Cherry Creek.

Faster than he could unmake a bed, Eddie’s life is turned upside down and he’s out of school with nowhere to go but a home that’s never been his. When he gets to Cherry Creek, the first face he sees is Charlie Motel, his best friend’s brother and also his lifelong crush. Charlie has always been the caretaker of his family, filling the roles of absentee father, loving mother, shoulder to cry on, tolerant husband, and whatever anyone else asked of him. He’s tired, he’s alone, and then Eddie shows up in need of help with an offer Charlie never saw coming. Charlie's answer is yes. Eddie takes control and, for the first time in years, Charlie feels like he can breathe. He’s free of other people’s problems, he’s living his own life, and under Eddie’s thoughtful guidance, he can truly be faultless.

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