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Fearless - June 19!

This is the last Tuesday for you to pre-order Fearless before it comes out in THREE DAYS!!!

Brad is ready and Theo is watching.

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Theo Bruster has a bad habit.

You could call him attentive or observant, and you would not be wrong, because Theo has always liked to watch. Growing up in a hotel has given him an exciting and easy life, but he's ready to put some space between himself and the only home he's ever known. But sometimes when you're not looking for anything, you find something, and Brad and Theo are about to learn that the hard way. Brad has secrets that not even his brothers know, but he finds himself opening up to Theo and trusting him in ways that are new to them both. The relationship that develops between them might be unconventional, but under Theo's watchful eye, Brad can re-gain control and for the first time in his life, be fearless.

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