• Kate Hawthorne


Updated: Jul 21

LIMITLESS, Room for Love #5 🍒🍒🍒 Pre-order now - - > http://mybook.to/rfl5

Release date - July 23

This should have made it better, that Leonidas wasn’t in the habit of collecting stray travelers and taking them home to fuck, but somehow it made it worse. It wrapped around a feeling that had already begun to fester in the core of Andy’s chest and threatened to cultivate it into something unmanageable and bigger than the both of them.

He dragged his hand through Leonidas’s hair, his fingertips tracing gently at the bone behind his ear as they slid down to the side of his neck. Leonidas purred, a fucking deep and feral noise that vibrated out of his mouth and through Andy’s hand. He moved his fingers slowly, tickling at the spot he’d just caressed, and Leonidas made the sound again.

“Mmmn,” he mused, dropping his hand away. “My little lion.”


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