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Limitless, Room for Love #5

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“I can’t,” he repeated, desperate for his answer to be final. If he stayed, he’d be ruined. It was already going to hurt him, which was preposterous, but he needed to sever this now. There was a fine line between lust and love and want, and Andy didn’t know which he was feeling. His heart thumped steadily, if not rapidly, and thought it might be love, but his brain knew that was ridiculous, and his cock just…wanted.

“I understand.” Leonidas leaned back on the balls of his feet, his chest bare and smooth in the morning light, then he lowered himself down, hunching over and taking Andy’s shoe laces between his nimble fingers. He laced and tied each of Andy’s sneakers, and Andy sat on his hands to stop himself from reaching for Leonidas.

When Andy’s shoes were tied, Leonidas petted his hands down the tops of Andy’s feet and looked up, a sad smile on his face.

“There you are then, Sir,” Leonidas whispered.

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