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Unfettered is *LIVE*

UNFETTERED **available now and free with KU** Universal link - http://mybook.to/unfettered ---- Unfettered is a 67,000 standalone gay romance by Kate Hawthorne featuring one annoying cat named Hemingway, one delicious scene with a set of nipple clamps, a very sweet moment on a broken down ferris wheel, and one Christmas Heath and Beau will never forget... ☑️Student/Teacher ☑️Age gap ☑️ D/s with a younger Dom ☑️Hurt/Comfort --- How can Heath find happiness again when he's terrified of the things he loves?

After a reckless scene gone wrong, Heath is floating alone though life, unable to trust anyone enough give up control. Everything changes when he accepts a dinner invitation from a handsome younger man.

Beau is a twenty-four year old student with a strong personality who he knows exactly what he wants in life. And right now, he wants Heath. It doesn't matter that Heath has a traumatic past, and it definitely doesn't matter when they find out Heath is one of his professors.

The reemergence of someone Heath used to know sends their relationship into a tailspin, and leaves Beau questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. To save his relationship with Heath, he has to turn to the support system he's never had before...his long lost brothers.

Heath has finally rediscovered the liberation in restraint, but now Beau needs to find the freedom promised from being truly unfettered.

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