Secrets in Edgewood Series

Edgewood is a small town with a lot of secrets, and most of them are kinky. Secrets in Edgewood is a series of three complete standalone books.

I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.

Reed’s days are full of unexpected surprises—pretty par for the course as the principal of the only Catholic school in a small town, but there’s one surprise he wasn’t prepared for, and that was Dominic O’Halloran.

God help me, I want you.

Dominic has spent decades thinking about the life he could have lived. What if he’d not been an orphan? What if he’d been adopted? What if his best friend Reed hadn’t been torn out of his life when they were teens? But as an adult, he’s focused on the things he can control—his faith, his calling, and his pride.

If you still want me, then I’ll have you.

Finally together after a lifetime apart, Dominic and Reed find themselves in a state of emotional upheaval, complicated by the rules of their religions. Reed is terrified of losing his soul, and Dominic, his heart, but neither of them are willing to give up on the second chance they’ve been given without first enjoying a taste of sin.

Forgive me, Father; it appears I’ve sinned.


"A love that challenges faith." – Bex Smith

"Messy, sexy, and sweet"

– Samantha T

"Hot Sweet and Sinfully Delicious" – Bookworm250

I’m just playing with you, Danny.

Danny has been harboring a secret crush on his dad’s best friend for years, and when he finds himself helping Jordan with some late night filing, things quickly take a turn for the interesting.

I’m starving, Little Boy.

Jordan should know better, but he can’t tell Danny no. One night turns into two and two turns into more. Before either man knows it, they’re in a serious—and secret—relationship.

You always belong with me. You always belong to me.

Danny is across the country for school and his mother’s goal in life is to set Jordan up with one of her friends. Tension and expectations are pulling them apart. One grand gesture gone wrong leaves their secrets in the open where they must face the repercussions and the cost of desire.

I’m going to make sure you know how much I love you.


"Sweet, Sexy and lots of fun" – T. Walters

"Daddy Jordan...that is all!!"

– ILoveBooksSue

"Steamy and emotional. Great combination!" – Karen

I’m not the person you’re pretending I am.

Graham is still reeling from the pain of separation from his husband, Calvin. He forces himself to wade back into the dating pool with the help of a handsome stranger who offers to remind what it’s like to put himself out there.

Are you saying you want to go on a date with me?

Emory has his hands full with Graham when his new boss, Calvin, asks him out for drinks. He’s not sure there’s a future with Graham, even though he wouldn’t mind one, so he tells Calvin yes. He has no idea the men he’s about to fall for are already desperately in love…with each other.

Did you know it was me?

When his paralegal suggests a group date, Calvin bucks tradition and tells the younger man yes. He’s not expecting Emory’s other boyfriend to be his estranged husband, and he’s definitely not expecting what comes next.

That’s against the rules.

Calvin, Graham, and Emory find themselves in a delicate relationship with rules and structure, but hearts are wild and refuse to listen. Emory is ready to commit, but Calvin and Graham’s past threatens their future and the chance to see their love made whole.

I didn’t know I’d fall in love with you.


"Missing piece heals the rift...A must read!" – Irish Lass 99

"Sweet, sexy...perfect!"

– Kathryn M








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