With E.M. Denning

Best friends Kate and E.M. collaborate frequently. With books that have E.M.'s brand of kinky sweetness and Kate's brand of angsty depravity, there's no telling what the two of them will come up with next. 

Kyle Stafford has a crush.

He’s his own boss and answers to no one…except his sister, who he’s hired to help out with his highly successful food truck business. But he’s drowning in paperwork he doesn’t understand, and while he should be focusing on that, all he can think about is the attractive man who just moved into his building. When Kyle finally gets an opportunity to introduce himself, he fails miserably and is rebuffed in a spectacular fashion. But Kyle is persistent and won't be so easily dissuaded.

Kyle struggles to find an in with his hot neighbor, until one night, thanks to a package with a familiar return address, Kyle discovers that they have a lot in common than he thought...

Alex Holloway is starting over.

When most twenty-one-year-olds were club hopping and graduating from college, Alex Holloway was filing for divorce and dropping out. Freshly relocated to a new city, his ego is bruised and his emotions damaged, but Alex is determined to be happy. To be himself. His best friend urges him to go out and meet someone, anyone… anyone except the neighbor who comes on too strong, steals Alex's mail and bakes him cookies.
Kyle is everything Alex has ever wanted. Strong, smart, capable, caring, and kinky as hell. But is a mutual appreciation for silk and lace worth another heartbreak?


"A hot, irresistible story" – R Keebler

"A sweet, loving, kinky, hot mm romance..."

– Barbara Jeanne

"Steamy and delightible journey to acceptance and love. Highly recommend!" – Dixiecowgirl060


Cole Mallory is on the brink of losing everything.

For the past seven years, Cole has dedicated himself to managing Mallory Vineyard, the winery his family owns. It’s not that he hasn’t had time for a relationship so much as he’s never found anyone he wanted to devote time to beyond the initial getting to know you stage. But that all needs to change--and fast--because if Cole wants to inherit the vineyard, he needs to be married.

Rhett Kingston is about to have a new life dropped into his lap.

What started out as a night of lonely drinking in a local bar ends with Rhett agreeing to "fake marry" his twin brother’s best friend. Rhett will act as the perfect future fake husband for Cole and, in turn, Cole will help Rhett launch the event planning business he’s always dreamed of owning.

Before they know it, their totally fake relationship is tangled up with completely mutual desire. After a destination wedding forces Cole and Rhett into the same bed, sparks fly and fictional feelings escalate and threaten to turn into something very, very real and more than either of them bargained for.


"Another Home Run by Kate & EM." – Mary Kate Durett

"Unbelievably sweet"

– Aimee

"So sweet and so sexy" – Mrs N

Ryan Kingston is having a terrible year. His twin brother and his best friend just got engaged, leaving him feeling adrift and out of place. Prepared to ring in the New Year drunk and without a date at the annual Mallory Vineyard party, Ryan is blindsided by desire when he shares an unexpected kiss with the last person he expected…another man.

With his darkest years hopefully behind him, Darian Fulton is finally ready to step out of the shadows and embrace his true self. Armed with pink lip gloss and a snazzy silk tie, he is determined to keep his New Year’s resolution and find his own slice of happiness; one that shows up in the form of Ryan Kingston, an alluring and apparently not-so-straight-after-all man. 

Darian sets his sights on making Ryan his future gay boyfriend after a simple kiss, which quickly turns into two, then three, then more. Ryan and Darian find themselves more involved with each other than they’d ever planned. But Darian worries that Ryan is going to change his mind about being with a man—and after a surprising job offer, Ryan is worried about losing Darian for the temptations of a big city career. 

Between impromptu shopping trips, midnight ice cream runs, and a long list of firsts, Ryan and Darian are faced with the choice of conquering their fears together or missing out on all of their dreams.


"The sweetest romance; no cliches in this one!" – Mrs. Readsalot

"So many feels"

– Jocelyn Smith

"Must One-Click" – SYReviews

If there's one thing David Cranston hates, it's Luis Montgomery.

When he finds out they've both been invited to participate in a floral contest that could make or break both of their careers, David dives in, ready to win.
But there's only one problem, and there's only one bed.

David and Luis are forced together and tension isn't the only thing running hot between the two of them. David realizes he wants to come out on top...in more ways than one.

A drunken night and a hungover morning leave both men regretting actions that found them a little bit too close. Unfortunately, they keep getting closer, and closer, until the lines between hate and desire blur into something far more complicated than either of them bargained for.

Back home, Luis and David struggle to make sense of their feelings, and Luis has to face some hard truths. He thought he hated David and his roses and his baby's breath and his lemon verbena lotion, but he was so wrong.

Because if there's one thing Luis Montgomery loves, it's David Cranston.


"Love Me A Good Love/Hate Story" – Kramerdeb0731!

"The best enemies-to-lovers book yet!"

– ASeubert

"The power of this will overwhelm you..." – Mellanie R.

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