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Two men. One weekend. No limits... 

My name is Foster Golden and I'm looking for a man with a strong hand and a shitty moral compass. I wasn't expecting to ring in the new year with Sage, a man I already know and hate, but I think he might be able to give me exactly the kind of pain I'm looking for.

Please review the content warning at the start of the story for any potential triggers. This story has BDSM themes and content.
This book is the prequel that can standalone, but has no HEA. Foster and Sage's story is continued in Dual Destruction, Duality #1


I Want a Husband for Valentine's Day

Originally part of a group giveaway, I Want a Husband for Valentine's Day is a short and sweet MMM romance. With a little bit of kink and a lot of heart, this story is your first chance to meet Oliver, Nathan, and Yibo, best friends to Luke Alexander from Reckless, Room for Love #1.

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But You're a Finance Major

If you've read The Cost of Desire, you've met Toby, Danny's best friend in college. This story is about fan-favorite character Toby Claire and the story of how he got involved with his boyfriend, Tim. Toby was only looking for a good time, not a boring time, but with Tim, he got far more than he bargained for.

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