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99c sale! Grab A Cold Hard Truth today

A Cold Hard Truth is *on sale* for a limited time! Available on Amazon for only 99c (in all markets) 👉

Sebastian isn’t sure if he’s interested in men, but he knows he’s interested in Remington Dockery. The younger man is awkward but bold, and after calling on Remington for help one afternoon, Sebastian can’t stop thinking about him. Remington thinks Sebastian is a mess, but he might be just the kind of man Remington has been waiting for. After a string of e-mails, a lot of money changing hands, and some first-time encounters, Remington and Sebastian are about to find out how complicated and messy love can be. 👉 a 27 year old virgin who is pretty sure he's into being dominant 👉 a freshly divorced trust fund brat questioning his sexuality for the first time 👉 steamy email exchanges 👉 sexy spankings 👉 a well deserved HEA --- If you are a series purist, book 1, A Real Good Lie, is available here - and book three, A Matter of Fact, is available for pre-order here -

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