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A Matter of Fact is available now!

SHINY NEW RELEASE from Kate Hawthorne

A Matter of Fact is out now and available to borrow or buy on Amazon by clicking here -->

What the other characters have to say about Rhys St. George: "For what it's worth, he does know he's a prick." "I don’t think we’ll ever be friends." "He's just a man. Flawed and perfect at the same time."

Name – Rhys St. George Age – 37 Relationship status – Single Looking for – A way to make all of this right Biggest regret – Callahan McMillian Hobbies – Having money, making money, spending money, and wine.

Name – Beckett Thatcher Age – 27 Relationship status – Super Single! Looking for – The kind of man who knows what I'm worth Biggest regret – Being hesitant to form meaningful relationships after moving Hobbies – Cooking, baking, and being a good plant dad

Rhys doesn't know what he wants anymore, but he knows he wants to be in Myers Bluff and he wants to make things right with his brother, and maybe his ex-boyfriend too. The only problem is... he doesn't know how to do any of that.

Beckett has a bad job and big dreams, and he's not going to let either of those things hold him back. He definitely doesn't have time to deal with a man like Rhys St. George, but there's something magnetic about the way too-rich-for-his-own-good man that Beckett can't deny.

Rhys is used to buying whatever he wants, but finds Beckett cannot be bought.

For the first time in his life, Rhys isn't two steps ahead; he's half a pace behind. But maybe that's exactly where he needs to be to find what he's always been looking for--a purpose, personal redemption, and love.

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