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Not Allowed- Not Ready for Love #1

Coming this summer, something a little different. Two couples, three books, and enough second chances to last a lifetime.

Not Allowed - Not Ready for Love #1 by Kate Hawthorne Cover Design - Amai Designs Photogapher - Eric McKinney Models - Eric T. and Cayman C.


Wyatt and Grant are not allowed to want each other.

Wyatt is barely eighteen and Grant is his dad's best friend.

With only two months until his first semester of college takes him across the country, Wyatt has little more on his mind than exploring his newfound interest in men. He has a list of things he wants to experience, but he doesn't know where to start. At least not until he finds himself alone with the one man he shouldn't want.

Grant knows better than to get involved with his best friends son, but Wyatt knows how to be persuasive and he looks like everything Grant has ever wanted when he's on his knees. Grant hoped he'd kept his thoughts to himself, but Wyatt approaches him with a list and a proposition he doesn't want to turn down.

Nothing between them is certain, but one thing is promised. It's going to be a summer neither man will ever forget.

Not Allowed is part one of Grant and Wyatt's story and book one in the Not Ready for Love trilogy. This 50,000 word story is a cliffhanger, but the completion of this series will bring them their HEA.

To Love You

Until Now

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