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Surprise! The Motel Brothers are BACK!

Relentless - The Motel Brothers: Room for Love #6

Years into their relationship, there’s still no one Levi Kadish hates more than James Motel.

There’s also no one he loves more.

Stubborn as they’ve ever been, the tension that’s developed in their relationship is becoming a quiet threat to everything they know. Coupled with the pressure of living in a small town that’s dying a long and slow death, familial infighting because of Cameron’s lack of interest in ever being told no, and the struggles of working with five brothers who don’t always get along, things are careening toward the point of no return.

If all that isn’t enough to navigate, Levi’s keeping a secret from James that could change everything—for better or for worse.

Forced to decide what to put first, his own wants or the well-being of the town he calls home, Levi realizes time—and friendships—have changed him. He’s not the selfish and arrogant man he used to be. Once relentless with his confidence, his pride, his desire, now Levi must find out if he has the same kind of fight in him when it comes to his boyfriend, his family, and everything they’ve built in Cherry Creek.

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